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Barrie Post Hole Diggers

Contact us today for all your post holes and concrete footings needs in Barrie and the surrounding area.

The right equipment makes a big difference when it comes to performance on the job site. Posthole diggers, decks, composite decking, deck construction, and deck restoration, we offer a variety of fence types in your region, all services are available through your one-stop shop. We are committed to providing the highest quality service at the most affordable possible cost.

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It Is Essential That Deck Footings Are Dug & Set Properly, Structural Integrity Is No Joke!


Preparing your post holes correctly the first time is the cornerstone of the entire project. Digging postholes or deck footings may be a tough and occasionally painful undertaking. We'll drill holes deep enough so that the structure, whether it's a fence or a deck, is never affected by frost. For your fence and deck footings, we pour the concrete deep to provide strength and load-bearing capabilities.
In order to drill in backyards, our equipment only requires a 36-inch opening.
All subsurface utilities must be discovered and tagged before we begin.

Ontario One Call 1-800-400-2255 - Call for Free
Locates Must Be Done Before work commences
Please Note! - It is very important that we always have access to water and power.

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